You will have to agree with me that there are moments in our lives when everything around seems so silent,and the world seems to be on a standstill;the call you expected from so and so was never made,that special date never happened,there is still no response to that long message you sent,the promise wasn’t fulfilled…a dark cloud of hopelessness is all you see,at least during such moments.In our human nature despair might come knocking our doors as if it belongs to them.

I must admit that my last couple of weeks looked like what i have just mentioned,i just couldn’t understand,maybe my expectations of what life has to offer are sometimes too high.Unfortunately,the thorns i had to step on were more than the beautiful smell of roses i felt,i forced myself to remember that in some interior villages,thorns can be collected and used to light a fire,maybe i would as well gather my thorns and light my fire of hope.I have always wanted to figure out the cause of things,why they have to happen in form of A, and not B or maybe C (which should be in my favor) and so i found my helpless self in a meeting,(a meeting between me and my head).I was in the middle of this grand meeting when i was distracted by the sound of my phone,a very dear friend of mine had shared a song with very powerful words which not only encouraged me but also blessed my heart.And how timely this was!! I mean those words were just meant for me.Now open your eyes even wider and lets look at these beautiful words together.

Four days late.

The news came to Jesus, ‘please come fast,Lazarus is sick and without your help,he will not last.’                                                                                                                                                                Mary and Martha,watch their brother die,they waited for Jesus,but He did not come,and they wondered why.                                                                                                                                           The death watch was over,buried four days,then someone said,’He’ll soon be here,the Lord is on His way.’                                                                                                                                                      Martha ran to Him,and then she cried,’Lord if you had been here,you could have healed him,he would still be alive.’                                                                                                                            But you are four days late,and all hope is gone,Lord we don’t understand it,why you waited so long,but His way is God’s way,not yours or mine,and isn’t it great? when He is four days late He’s still on time.

Jesus said, ‘Martha,show me the grave.’ But she said, ‘Lord you don’t understand it,he’s been there four days.’                                                                                                                                       The gravestone was rolled back and then He cried, ‘Lazarus come forth!!’ and somebody said, ‘He’s alive!! He’s alive!!…’                                                                                                                    When He’s four days late,and all hope is gone,Lord we don’t understand it,why you waited so long,and His way is God’s way,not yours or mine,and isn’t it great? when He is four days late,He is still on time.

The story of Lazarus has since reminded me to trust in God’s timing.I am encouraged because He sees us even during the seemingly ‘silent times’ and continually watches over us.Too often we loose our trust in Him and yet His word in Romans 18:28 assures us that in all things He works for the good of those who love Him,and who have been called according to His purpose.I know you already know this,maybe you need to be reminded that God is faithful enough to keep His promise.He tells again in Psalms 46:10 ,’Be still and know i am God.’It is obviously not easy to comprehend these words especially during a dark moment,any human being will wonder how a difficult situation is working for their good.It gets over,we just need to put our trust on Him even when things do not make sense.

My prayer for you and me is to find the courage to put our trust in God in all seasons,to remember that His plans are always good,and that it shall be done in our lives,for we are only pieces of clay and He is our porter.God created you without your input and He can therefore be trusted with the details of your life.He is never too late,but just on time,always on time.He has done it for me in His time,and so shall it be for you.

Love,light and blessings!













With the rise of arts and especially music in the world, I have always lived to admire and most of all appreciate the golden voices of different artists and the messages they pass across through their songs, both the old and the ever upcoming ones. Many are the times I have wished that I would speak out what my heart truly feels through the amazing gift of music. Im sure most of you can relate.Again, this question keeps revolving on my mind, but what would be my song? What would I sing about? However, we are all gifted in different but very amazing ways.

Over an imaginary plate of biriani, I was caught up thinking about my song of life; I realized that all that matters is living a purposeful life, a most fulfilling one, a fruitful one, allowing ourselves to learn from the unique gifts and talents of other people, since talents have a special way of conveying a message that would otherwise not be understood in any other ordinary way.

Recently, I was privileged to have a direct conversation with someone who has for a very long time inspired me and many other young people. I was encouraged by how she is fiercely living her life and using her gift of music to encourage other people. Thanks to God for the gift of role models in various fields of life who we can always refer to when our roads bend and we have no idea what will emerge thus gain the courage to follow the curves and move forward.

It has always been my sincere desire  to inspire people through writing. A lot of times, I have attempted to write but memories of my past life experiences would get me all emotional and I would never reach the end. I promised to finally settle for it, so here I am. Thank you for staying with me up to this point.

In this world of filters, lovelies, baes’ and boos’, everything and everyone seems to be just at the right place. While this is clearly not the case. Many wounds are bleeding inside us that needs healing through our gifts and talents. Living to the fullest potentials of our gifts can uplift broken souls, making them acquire their precious smiles again. The Bible in 1st peter 4:10 tells us that “as each has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace’’. Sharing our gifts is a form of praise to God and opens doors of blessings in our lives, but until God opens the next door, praise Him on the hallway.

Growing up, I have been blessed to interact with different kinds of people; some have been too kind to me while others have made the world look like a whole naked place that desperately needs to be clothed. I know it sounds harsh, but hello truth, please set me free. They say it’s the diversity in us that color the world and make it interesting. Can someone use their gift to better such people? Day by day, I keep learning that  these people are who they are because of the heavy mountains they are trying to move in life, they probably are using a tough path and end up exhausted while a gift in someone would possibly provide an easier way.

We have been put here on earth to perform unique roles, without which some of the important life facts will remain unknown. It is important to accomplish what we are meant to do, use our gifts and talents to touch and change the lives of those around us, and to positively impact our societies. Let us adhere to our different callings, have the courage to try, dust off ourselves when we fall and run all the way to embrace our lives’ purposes. Let us use our gifts to encourage, empower, inspire and change the lives of those around us, but most of all, let us culminate in us the spirit of kindness, sharing our gifts with others is something we should not resist. Life is full of challenges, but we can make it together.

Too much to write; darling, you are a superstar, your value is more than that of untapped gold or diamond, your potential is oooh, so great! Embrace your purpose today; share your gift today; for tomorrow is definitely not promised.

Love, light &blessings!

Chanya M.